Under The Radar Premiere

“Wellington artist Emily Fairlight has unveiled her latest single ‘The Escape’, a sumptuous slice of jangling alt-folk which features percussionist Cully Symington (of Bright Eyes and Okkervil River) and is accompanied by a nostalgic-tinged video by director Julian Vares. The charming visuals depict Fairlight and a friend getting up to some summer fun, navigating a confidence course and cycling through suburban pathways, with tender moments hinting at a blossoming romance.” ‘The Escape’ Single Review

“Fairlight’s endearing and rich vocals shine in The Escape. The song reminisces about happier and simpler times with a heartfelt yearning for the past – an escape from the monotony of everyday. There is a deep ache in Fairlight’s tones, matched perfectly with the gentle melancholy sway of the instruments. The song sits in that crossroad between celebrating and mourning the past.” Album Review

“I think haunting is a word thrown around all too quickly when reviewing soulful emotive voices. I think what people are trying to say is that the music, the voice, is ethereal. Dream like. Draped in a dark, sombre mood they rarely feel to name. I guess I mean all those things too when I describe Emily Fairlight’s voice as haunting, but I also mean it in the more literal term, in that it stuck with me, as my earworm, the ghost on my shoulder. I had to keep going back to it. Those lines from The Ancient Mariner, no doubt a popular refrain in live renditions.”

Second Hand News Album Review

“The production of Mother of Gloom, from Walseth, is deft and exquisite, drawing you completely into Fairlight’s stories, ‘Water Water’ leaves you feeling as if you are hearing parts of the song under water, with keys and reverb softly lilting. Fairlight voice has depth and richness to it, regularly supported by tastefully placed harmonies – ‘Water Water’ and ‘The Escape’.”

NZ Musician Magazine Album Review

“Catchy first track Body Below has echoes of the languid sexiness of Lucinda Williams. The tracks are grounded in the gritty reality of domesticity and personal relationships gone awry despite their early promise.”
Radio New Zealand Sofa Session

The Tearaway Weekly Music Haul

“Wellington’s Emily Fairlight shows us that she knows something about escaping. This latest single is built on a razor thin guitar line, used delicately to surround Emily’s tender vocals. The song is romantic, and is noteworthy for how it uses sounds from a distant year to convey its charming subject matter. It’s a pity about Cyclone Gita, because this would have sounded really good on an outdoor deck chair.” Album Review

“…with her powerfully quivering voice – at time she calls to mind Buffy Sainte-Marie and a more focused Cat Power – and the sometimes dreamscape settings with strings and keening guitar, these songs are more elegantly monochrome than downright “doom-folk” (her description).”

Radio New Zealand – Nick Bollinger Album Review

“Fairlight’s songs lend themselves to Americana, still there is also something universal about them, and the best ones here distil moments of emotional turmoil into palpable images anyone could feel.”