Emily StandingEmily Fairlight is a natural born folk singer. She writes lyrics straight from her heart to yours. Her poetic background is obvious in the feel and composition of her songs.

She plays guitar, piano accordion and kick drum and has performed at times with a supporting band. She describes her own music style as introspective alternative folk. Others have compared her sound to Natalie Merchant, pj harvey, Gillian Welch and Cat Power.

Whether on stage with just her Martin guitar or a full band, she mesmerizes and captivates an audience. Her voice ranges from the most intimate of whispers to the strongest of wails.

She has been performing and composing for over a decade, and during this time has played throughout New Zealand, and also performed in Texas. She is returning to Texas for a solo tour in October 2016. Emily currently lives in the industrial port town of Lyttelton, New Zealand, which is known for being a magnet for folk singers and songwriters.

Her first self-titled CD, released in 2011, features a well curated collection of 11 songs and is available at all digital retailers.

Emily is a prolific songwriter and choosing which songs make it onto CD releases is always a challenging process. She is currently finishing her 2nd CD which may end up being a double CD release.


You can download Emily’s bio, blank gig poster, stage layout and promotional images here: